Welcome to QENSIO!

Here you can find information on our company and details on how you can become part of our team.

What we do

QENSIO is specialized in the quality of service measurement of international postal services, which we perform independently on behalf of our customers mainly from the postal industry. These companies require detailed information on their quality of service, which is used for analysis and possible improvement activities.

Some of the questions our surveys help answering:

  • What are the transit times for postal products between 2 countries?
  • Where in the process do delays occur?
  • Do the postal items reach the receivers in good condition?

For these surveys we maintain and continuously improve our worldwide panel of people who receive test mail while reporting the receipt date information accurately and swiftly back to us.

What you can do

QENSIO is looking for survey participants in various countries worldwide. You can enrich our team by acting as a receiver of test mail. This task would entail the receipt of mail in your private mailbox and to report the date of receipt via our survey web portal. The effort is rather small and should not exceed 10 minutes per week for entering the data online.

What you need (requirements for participating)

As a potential participant you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and agree to receive international test letters on a regular basis
  • Ensure a daily check of your mailbox and being able to reliably determine the exact delivery date of each test mail piece
  • Have the ability to sufficiently communicate in English or German
  • Live either in the Capital (or the metropolitan area) or in one of the larger cities in your country
  • Be able to participate for at least three consecutive months (long term participation is preferred)

No previous experience is needed and you can cancel your participation at any time without notice.

What you get

As the task of a panel member requires a high degree of reliability and consistency, you will receive bonus points for your work, which you can redeem at QENSIO’s panel webshop. We offer a great variety of products (e.g. books, CDs, DVDs, toys, consumer electronics) and vouchers of global brands.

Methodology and know-how