Reference projects

Among our customers, we can quote companies such as Deutsche Post DHL and the International Post Corporation (IPC).

Deutsche Post DHL

For Deutsche Post DHL (, QENSIO has conducted a variety of international measurements since 2005.

With collaboration from more than 1,100 study participants in over 72 countries, in 2013 alone QENSIO has conducted studies with over 97,000 national and international test shipments and more than 40,000 RFID transponders. Amongst others:

  • TransQ Global Cross-Border Survey:  Induction of test mail in DPDHL’s mail terminals in the US, Europe and the ASPAC region for receipt by a global receiver panel
  • Germany Export Measurement: Measurement of formats and products that are not covered by the IPC UNEX measurement
  • Passive RFID Testing Using Real Mail: Management of system applying and analysing >25.000 passive RFID tags p.a. to real mail for assessing the quality of the DPDHL network
  • Postal User Measurements (various): Measurements of the shipments of postal users for independent assessment of the quality of service

International Post Corporation

In 2013 QENSIO has started to conduct measurements for European postal companies on behalf of the International Post Corporation (

  • International Business Reply Measurement: Measurement of the performance of the IBRS service between selected countries
  • Operational Letter Packet Measurement: Measurement of letter-boxable eCommerce format between European countries, the USA, Australia and New Zealand
  • Operational Pre-test of the STROBE Concept: Measurement of test items according to the foreseen IPC STROBE design in combination with gathering qualitative feedback from the senders/receivers on their experiences

Methodology and know-how