Services in quality management

QENSIO also offers to undertake quality management services with its new division having opened in 2012.

Against the background of strong e-commerce growth, process transparency and reliability are gaining importance and a quality management system must now more than ever before be capable of acting quickly, effectively and with foresight.

Complex data evaluations are labour-intensive and time-consuming. QENSIO supports companies with their internal analyses and accomplishes them according to individual specifications. Outsourcing extensive analysis processes offers a possibility of effective time management within a company and, at the same time, guarantees the professional execution of your studies.

We currently offer:

  • The analysis of quality data to identify deviations as well as causal areas or reasons
  • Evaluation of quality data according to the customer’s specifications
  • Active and near-time tracking of processes that often involve multiple contracting parties and span different continents and time zones
  • Preparation of the results in the desired form, enabling postal companies to take fast and targeted action

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about these services. We can advise you about your specific needs and requirements, and thus develop the best solution for you.

Methodology and know-how