Studies on postal grade quality

QENSIO today manages numerous studies with widely differing complexities for postal operators and their customers. We offer you standard modules as an investigative basis for simple studies, as well as customised studies for more complex analyses.

  • Determining lead-times for the whole postal product spectrum
  • Determining the status of consignments received (i.e. damage-free condition)
  • Determining the non-receipt rate
  • Providing detailed data on the quality of internal post operational and logistical processes through the use of transponders

QENSIO finds individual solutions designed exactly to suit your needs, requirements or your specific issues.

For the smooth implementation of our national and international studies, we only use test customers who have undergone our extensive training process.

The QENSIO Test Customer Panel covers all relevant postal countries and regions worldwide.

QENSIO attaches great importance to the quality and reliability of its Test Customer Panel, since this is of the utmost importance for validity and reliability.

„Our Panel sees itself not only as a market research tool, but also justifiably as an important component of QENSIO. Long-standing affiliations and extra services that can be provided make working with the QENSIO Panel a real pleasure.“ (Shaista Majeed, QENSIO Senior Manager Research)

Possible weaknesses within the logistics processes are made more transparent by means of active, and increasingly also passive, transponder technology and which enables us to make accurate and efficient corrections.

We derive accurate results by intensively validating data. All results that we obtain from automated processes are further evaluated manually. This gives you a differentiated and valid appraisal of all the parameters that we have investigated in a study for you.

Our reporting also includes an endorsement of all impeccable quality aspects, in black and white – according to the motto:

Perceived quality is good, yet measured quality is better.

Methodology and know-how