Our services in quality management encompass numerous ways to verify and ensure defined quality requirements.

Against the background of strong e-commerce growth, transparent and reliable processes are increasingly more important. This requires a quality management that operates quickly, effectively, and proactively.

Complex data evaluations are labour-intensive and time-consuming. QENSIO assists companies with their internal analyses and completes them according to individual specifications. Outsourcing extensive analysis processes enables companies to implement effective time management schedules and, at the same time, guarantees a professional execution of studies.

On behalf of companies, QENSIO carries out:

  • The analysis of quality data to identify deviations as well as corresponding sources and reasons
  • The evaluation of quality data according to the customer’s specifications
  • The active and near-time tracking of operational processes that often involve multiple contracting parties and span different continents and time zones
  • The comprehensible preparation/presentation of the results in the desired form, enabling postal companies to make faster and more targeted decisions

Communication Centre

QENSIO’s Communication Centre also provides further service in quality management, namely a punctual, daily research and dissemination of current events worldwide (i.e. holidays, strikes, natural disasters, severe weather, political unrest etc.), which tend to disrupt the smooth operation of the transport chain and thereby cause delays or impairments in operational processes. Reporting current as well as planned/announced events, the Communication Centre provides an “early warning system” that enables customers to react accordingly to impairments in service or any other delays or problems involved in the disruption of postal services. QENSIO also takes on individual research jobs and prepares the reports according to customer-specific requirements or preferences (newsletter, chat groups, intranet/internet).

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about these services. We can advise you about specific needs and requirements, and develop the best solution for you.