… Tools & Techniques

QENSIO places the highest demands on the quality of its own services. This is a significant guiding principle in our daily work.

Crucial aspects ensuring the highest possible quality in our company are: expertise on various subjects, targeted use of state-of-the-art technology, smooth organization of work as well as the constant review of our work processes.

Individual Competency

The QENSIO team members hold university degrees at the managerial level, and have broadly diversified professional specializations. We can therefore ensure the professional realization of diverse projects. Social skills are an equally important consideration in selecting our employees. This is readily apparent to our customers when they encounter a respectful and solution-oriented interaction with any of our employees. At QENSIO, personal responsibility and critical thinking are, among other soft skills, indispensable to us, and are aimed to reflect our ongoing work processes in the interest of self-regulation.

Reliable Customer-Test Panel

QENSIO commands a widely dispersed, well connected, extremely committed, and proven customer-test panel. The guaranteed reliability of our study participants has top priority, since this is of fundamental importance to the smooth implementation of studies and their pertinent results. Therefore, potential test customers undergo a strict and extensive training process before we use them in national and international studies. The QENSIO Customer-Test Panel covers all relevant postal countries and regions worldwide.

Production-Specific Database

The core of our innovative IT tools is a production-specific database at the highest technical level. For a precise measurement of lead-times and detailed data analysis, we use highly modern special software that includes the latest security technology. Thanks to flexible configuration options, we can coordinate/calibrate/customize the software for quality measurements to the individual wishes of our costumers.

Differentiated Data Validation & Reporting

Another factor for accurate measurement results is QENSIO’s intensive data validation. All results that we obtain from automated processes are further evaluated manually. Thus, in the final reporting, our customers get a differentiated and thorough appraisal of all the parameters that we have investigated in a study, including the confirmation of all impeccable quality aspects

Transponder Technology

Transponder technology enables us and our customers to provide more precise details to determine the causes for any deviations or delays. Transponders are registered at various readers during the postal process and provide information about operative hot spots.

They correspond to international safety standards and only transmit signals after they have been activated by the readers in the sorting offices.

There are two different types of transponders: semi-active transponders and passive transponders. Semi-active transponders are electronic measuring chips that can be used a several times. QENSIO takes care of the handling process, the testing and programming of active transponders. Passive transponders are usually stuck directly onto the delivery. As they are usually intended for single use only, they may be destroyed after the data has been entered.